Kobe Italian Restaurant - Clearwater

7/16/2015 09:59:00 PM

Hold up, Japanese and Italian? Who would have ever thought of this combo. I was really hesitant to actually give this restaurant a try, but we were hungry and I came upon an Groupon deal.

Why not, right? We just finished moving and we wanted to try something new since we are in a new area. Well.. honestly.. now I know where I am going to avoid.

First off, the one big thing I noticed was how hot and sticky I was sitting in one of their booths. Maybe I had no air circulation, but I was just uncomfortable the whole time I was sitting there. Second, there are two separate menus and the Italian part of the restaurant just didn't fit in anywhere. Fusion, I like. Confusion, I no like.

I had no intention of ordering Italian tonight so we looked at the Japanese menu. Just that one menu was lengthy enough, I can't imagine having two menus to look at trying to decide what I would want to eat. We started with their Shrimp Tempura which was meh, I've had better. The shrimp were just too thin and presentation was poor.

We decided to go for the Sushi Sashimi for 2. It's an option I love going for when I'm out because it cuts down browsing the menu and it's the chef's choice. The meal comes with soup and salad which were average.

The overall platter was really unimpressive. It was pretty small with your basic fish. The sushi roll that came with is was a bland California with tamago.

After we finished we decided to go for their Lobster roll. What can go wrong?

The Lobster was overcooked and the tempura batter was too hard. It actually hurts just chewing on it. Meh, it's saucey and overly fried.

Overall, I was just unimpressed with the food. The concept was intriguing and a little confusing, but it just doesn't seem like it works. It's definitely not a place I would recommend for sushi sadly, my search will continue for good sushi in the area.

Kobe Italian Restaurant

13505 Icot Blvd Ste 207
ClearwaterFL 33760
(727) 614-9796

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