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7/18/2015 12:27:00 PM

I love hot pot! It's one of those meals that makes me feel all warm inside and reminds me of the holidays. Our family has a hot pot tradition because it's easy to prep and tons of assorted food for each person's taste buds.

I visited Oishii when they first open and I wasn't very impressed. The interior is beautiful, it's modern, clean and has individual hot pot stations as well as a conveyor sushi belt. What more could you ask?!  Sadly, I don't see much customer flow thus leaving the conveyor belt completely empty. I was also not blown away with the food.

However, on our recent visit I enjoyed our meal and we got a lot of food for the price tag. We started with some Sashimi Appetizer, Shrimp and Veggie Tempura, Beef (Hot and Spicy) Hot Pot and Chicken Katsu dinner.

I love the presentation of the Sashimi app. The plate was just so cool and modern and it makes the color of the fish pop.

Can you believe that all this tempura was only $5.99? I mean yeah, there's only two shrimp tempura, but with all the assorted veggies from asparagus, eggplant, sweet potato and so on makes it so worth it. I'm not crazy for the tempura batter here, but it was pretty tasty! (I could have been super hungry too)

The hot pots are available in a variation of soup flavors and meat types. It all comes with an assortment of veggies and a choice of 3 types of noodles. It's a perfect size to eat! I was a little disappointed that they took their condiment table away and only provided me a kimchi sauce. I usually love making a garlic soy vinegar chili sauce to eat my hot pots with. I wasn't a big fan of the hot pot broth the soup itself was so plain and tasted like water.

The hot pot itself is a really fun change to dinner and I highly suggest trying it out.

My boyfriend tried their Chicken Katsu dinner which was pretty tasty and comes out a pretty big portion (two layers of katsu on a bed of vegetables).

I tried a few pieces and loved the crispy panko crust. I usually like pork tonkatsu better for the thickness and texture, but this chicken one was moist and pretty kickin'.

Hmm.. I am really up in the air if I would return. I enjoyed most of my dining experience, but the broth for the hot pot was just too bland. The sashimi wasn't bad at all, especially after my other visit to a different sushi restaurant. I love the interior and also grabbing some desert at YogurtLand. So perhaps! I love the idea of having hot pot available near by as well as a conveyor belt sushi (which I would love to be in use more).

Try it out :)

Oishii Fondue Hot Pot & Sushi Bar
10500 Ulmerton Rd Ste 288
Largo, FL 33771
(727) 588-0000

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  1. Looks like an interesting way to eat dinner. Thanks for the review.