Yelp event - Tin Drum (Oldsmar)

7/02/2015 11:19:00 PM

I don't usually post about any Yelp events because I always want a honest review of a restaurant, but today I'll just talk about the event itself and the food that was presented.

For this special event hosted by Tin Drum Asia Cafe we received some awesome service and a good time with other Yelpers.

The cafe itself reminds me of a Chinese Pop cafe that came straight from China. It's colorful, clean and eye catching. The service is fast and the menu has all types of food to please the buds (from all over Asia). There's also seasonal items and currently it's a Vietnamese banh mi twist and nom nom pork noodle dish? (I think that's the name)

For the Yelp event we had a long table reserved just for us. We sat behind a beautiful and flashy wall of flowers. Of course, we can't forget to have a Sriracha bottle for each table.  Tin Drum let us sample 3 popular dishes and a few appetizers buffet style. After tasting each one we were able to step up to the open kitchen and observe their menu and pick an dish to eat.

Tin Drum knows how to please us Yelpers! They even set up a table displaying their dishes for photos only. We tried their Sing Chow noodles which has curry in it, it was pretty tasty and probably was my favorite of our sampling. The mango salad was nothing impressive to me, I'm not crazy for fruits in my salad so I only nibbled on the spinach. Next up was the curry chicken dish (which I didn't even get the name) it was creamy and flavorful, it's served on a bed of rice, spinach and topped with peanuts.  I noticed that the ingredients used were all very fresh and vibrant.

After sampling all the popular dishes, I stepped up to the kitchen and picked out the Kickin' Kimchi with brown rice.  The dish itself seemed very popular with other Yelpers, but it was not very satisfying.  The flavors were bland and the kimchi is more of a fusion kimchi as it was more like coleslaw (plus there was green beans in it).

If there were a few more items added into it plus some pepper paste we can have ourself a yummy bibimbap!

Overall, I would like to try this place again. There's some hit or miss dishes, but I think Tin Drum works hard to feed fresh Asian fusion to the world. It reminds me of a Asian Panera Bread, which is a shame because I was hoping for something more authentic. I think it's still a very cute and quick place to grab Asian fusion dishes and they are also very fresh.

Tin Drum Asia Cafe

  • 3689 Tampa Rd Ste 305
    Tampa, FL 33603
  • (813) 855-8819

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  1. Can't miss the wonderful styling and interior at this place. As I walked upstairs, my eyes wandered about the brick wall interior and the overall décor. This is by far one of the best LA event venues to organize event.