Izziban Sushi and BBQ - Orlando (East Colonial Dr.)

9/04/2015 04:13:00 PM

If you want Korean BBQ in the Orlando area Izziban Sushi and BBQ is the way to go. They have an awesome All You Can Eat deal that I can never resist. Lunch and Late night (yes, they are open till 2 am every night!) goes for $19.99 and dinner (with more meat options) is $29.99.

I am absolutely in love with Izziban,  You have to check out the East Colonial location though. There's is the one on Sand Lake, but I drive an extra 30 minutes to the East Colonial location for many reasons. First, the meat is fresher and tastier, and the service is amazing. This place may look like a warehouse, but the inside is flashy and overall fun.  They also have plenty of tables inside and outside, which overlooks the water. They even have a salad/sushi bar! Oh, and this is the best part.. They have an private room with karaoke!!

I wish there was one in Tampa, but for now I'm driving 2 hours to get my All You Can Eat Korean BBQ.

As you can see, I love this place. So let's enjoy the photos!

The salad bar consist of items like lettuce, vegetables for grilling (mushrooms, garlic, peppers) there is also some sushi laid out.  I enjoyed that they have a variation of nigiris and also some fancy looking rolls.

The nigiri was also pretty tasty. I did find the sushi rice pretty sour, but hey it's included in the All You Can Eat so I'm not complaining!

I loved that they presented an variation of nigiris from krab, tuna and even torched salmon! Yum!

I will have to admit that Izziban has a very impressive menu.  They have Japanese, Korean, Sushi, Desserts, and also a drink menu. When I say impressive.. They each have their own menu for each cuisine and also photos of each item.

We tried a new drink called Icing, an Korean rice drink with Grapefruit flavoring.  It was pretty good, light, sweet and citrus-y. Too easy to drink!

Now on to the good stuff.  There is a big list of meats to choose from for dinner from pork, chicken and beef.  If you wanted seafood you can add it on.  We tried most of the meats and our favorite was the marinated short ribs (galbi), beef tongue and the wine marinated pork.

This is the part where we test out who's the better cook of the group. It's also an excellent cultural dining experience. Work for your food!

So much meat.. so much love!  Remember to grill up some mushroom while you enjoy your meats.  I love to grill up garlic too and leave it on the pan until it's crispy and toasted. Mmm, I want to go back again!

We ate, talked, drank and ate some more for able 4 hours.  This isn't just dinner, it's a dining experience. We ended the night with a bowl of Patbingsu which is a Korean dessert with shaved ice, red bean, fruits, condense milk, and whatever you want on top!  The one here at Izziban came with a ball of ice cream, whip cream and mochi on top! You just gotta mix it up and enjoy!

The reason why I love Izziban so much is because it's a one of a kind in Florida.  We don't have many Korean BBQ restaurant, but Izziban blew it out of the water.  It's flashy, opens late and you can eat all night long.  They also have other options if you do not want to do BBQ, but how could you not!

The service is amazing. Someone is constantly checking up on your table, I guess this could be a good and bad thing.  I enjoyed the check ups, but I had about 6-7 different people check up on us.  The food didn't come out as fast, but I didn't mind because it gave us a break in between to let our stomach settle.

Honestly. Check them out. I can't stress how much I love them so much!

Izziban Sushi and BBQ (East Colonial Drive)

5310 E Colonial Dr
Orlando, FL 32807
(407) 270-8811

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