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4/23/2016 10:08:00 PM

The conveyor belt sushi trend is not something new, but has been slowly creeping up in Florida.  I currently only know of two in the Tampa/Orlando area which are Sushigami and Yo! Sushi.

I was invited out by the lovely Shannon to their preview event of the new upcoming menu A Taste of Tokyo's Traditions and Trends Stateside debuting the beginning of May. The menu was created by Yo! Sushi's Executive Chef, Mike Lewis, inspired by his recent and many trips to Tokyo.

Mike certainly is a great man with lots of passion. For each dish presented to us, he provided a personal story and the reason for the inspiration. You can see the great pride he has for each dish created.

I will have to say that I had a great time at this event and tried a few of their upcoming items as well as items from their main menu and conveyor belt. The design of this conveyor belt is super fun and flashy, but still clean and simple.

I love the help button! Yes, try it! It speaks...

The first few dishes started coming in and we paired it with this lovely light and sparkling Hakutsuru Sayuri Nigori. It was highly recommended and it's in a cute pink bottle. What more can you ask for?!

I of course, had my best friend join me for dinner. Thank you lovely~

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Fish No Chip Roll: A play on the UK’s traditional ‘fish and chips,’ Fish No Chip Roll features tempura yellowtail, red onion, cucumber and chives
Spider Roll: An exciting alternative to traditional sushi, the Spider Roll includes soft shell crab tempura and pickled ginger with yuzu tobiko and sweet chilli sauce

Honest thoughts, I wasn't really crazy for the Fish No Chip Roll. It wasn't unique enough for me to remember. I did like the twist on the Spider Roll, the yuzu tobiko and ginger definitely creates a lighter twist on a heavy fried roll. It's citrus-y and refreshing. 

I can't remember the name of this dish, but it may be my least favorite. It's a beautiful mixture of crispy hamachi and fresh vegetables on a bed of rice.  But, the flavor was just way too sweet for me to enjoy.  I think I would also like the crispy hamachi to be actually be crispy.

It's such a bummer because I absolutely love the colors and all the ingredients used!

In the midst of all that food, we opened up a new bottle of sake! This time it's a bottle of Hakutsuru Junmai Ginjo. This must be a favorite sake of mine. It's dry, clean, smooth and has this amazingly sweet and fruity scent.

It's really easy to drink and pairs well with all the items we ate.

Yum! Yum! Yum!!

Since we are talking about favorites. This is my top favorite item from Yo! Sushi, I think it's my top favorite thing in the world. It's Albacore Tuna in a Truffle Ponzu sauce. I am dead serious. Truffle and seared Albacore Tuna is a thing! We were so in love that we ended up ordering 4 of these bad boys and I could go for more! If you love truffle and love sushi, this is something you have to try (Bucket list worthy). The ponzu cuts the heaviness of this dish and it's light, tangy and of course truffley. 

Oh man, I can remember each bite like it was yesterday. Oh right, it was yesterday. Noooo, must get more. Now.

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We continued the night sampling many, many little dishes.  Mike handed us a few more items off of the new menu to try. 

Chazuke: A centuries-old, traditional Japanese rice dish originally made with green tea. Our Chazuke is served with nori, sesame paste, salmon & yellowtail oba leaf, yuzu & umami dashi

Maguro Katsu: Inspired by a visit to Tsukiji, the world’s largest fish market in Japan, our version of Maguro Katsu includes a special blend of fresh tuna, onion and mayo with wasabi sauce

Teba No Karaage: A traditional Japanese take on fried chicken wings, Teba No Karaage is Nagoya’s favorite crispy fried chicken wings served with lime, garlic ginger, and sake soy sauce marinade

We have a cold squid and kimchi style dish, which was not to my liking. I love kimchi and I love squid, but this dish was missing something. Maybe a tang? It was just really heavy and salty for something I think should be refreshing as a chilled salad. The squid was super soft which could be a preference, but was too soft for my liking. 

Our lovely and amazing server handed us a dish which was a simple salmon roll with avocado, sriracha and I believe mayo on top. He said it was his favorite and as a very basic roll, it was good. Nothing too crazy, but it was nice to see how much he cared!

Can I please mention that Yo! Sushi has items like Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki which are rare dishes to find in Florida! They are simple street food in Japan, but are hard to find at restaurants here. BIG PLUS!

This unique twist on a simple homemade dish Chazuke is a warm and comforting dish. It certainly reminds me of a dish I'd eat at home and is super filling. They use a dashi broth instead of green tea as the soup base and I'm not sure how I feel about it. It makes it super fishy, but it adds a dept of flavor.

The Maguro Katsu or Tuna Katsu is a fun piece to eat.  It's paired with a creamy wasabi sauce which compliments the tuna well. I love the light and crispy panko crust!
Not pictured was the Teba No Karaage, or the famous chicken wings! Definitely good and so freaking flavorful! The wings are not battered so you get super crispy chicken skin that's full of flavors. Yum!

Mike handed us a plate of potato salad, but not just any kind. It's Japanese inspired with Japanese mayo, mustard and fresh vegetables. I am not a fan of potato salad, but man this was tasty. The vegetables lighten up the dish and the potatoes are perfectly cooked and NOT mushy. Something so simple can be so delicious! 

Lastly, we ended the night with Chocolate Mochi filled with coconut ganache. I love Mochi Ice Cream, but this was a little different on something traditional, not like ice cream is traditional, haha. I love the pairing of the coconut milk and chocolate and the rice cake is soft and chewy.  I do prefer the ice cream mochi more because of the different layers of textures, but this is a nice alternative! 

This concludes my wonderful dinner at Yo! Sushi. It was certainly a lovely event and I am definitely going back. I love that the restaurant strides to provide unique and new dishes from traditional to fusion and always looking a way to improve. 

Check them out~

2223 N Westshore Blvd
TampaFL 33607
(813) 569-7970

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  1. I love the space here. I attended an amazing event at this event venue and I ate more than I should. I had bread pudding, apple crisp, waffles and strawberries and cream. The main floor is very large and good size without being overwhelming, also there's tons of bar space too to order drinks.