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7/28/2018 08:02:00 PM


I keep promising myself that I'd update, but of course life has gotten the better part of me. Lots has happened and it'll just keep on coming. What's 'me time' anymore? Other than keeping myself busy aka work to pay the bills and feeding myself. I just like to lay around in bed and roll straight into the sunset.

SO, let me update! It's going to be out of order, but hey! Foodie photos is all that matters. So are you ready for this?

I just recently celebrated my 5 year anniversary with my lover and we decided to do an Omakase at Seito Sushi in Baldwin Park, Winter Park, FL. Originally I wanted to make reservation with Kadence, but they are on vacation. Good for them!

I was super hesitant when it came to diner because Seito is known for "New Japanese" which is basically modern Japanese food. Now this can go really wrong or it could be mind blowing. I can certainly say that I highly recommend Seito Sushi and would go back! They infuse different flavors using various techniques and higher end ingredients. This creates such a new yet familiar feel to the dish.  

Omakase dinner reservations are to be made days to a week in advance. They will ask for food preference as well as allergies when you're setting it up. The menus are created day of so it's seasonal and it's typically a 6 course meal, but it certainly feels more than that!

The starters were both super light, yet flavorful. The Chawanhmushi was extremely smooth and silky. My favorite parts were biting into the roe and having salty bubbles explode in your mouth. The shiitake mushrooms was worth mentioning! It was super tender and gave the egg custard a nice change of texture.  The second course was a fusion dish that worked out pretty well. It's a mixture of the Japanese salad Sunomono and the Vietnamese salad Goi. Since both dishes are so similar I think it worked perfectly as one, the lightly seasoned cucumber was refreshing and is a great entry to what's next to come!

We had more pieces of nigiri that wasn't photographed! Sushi was my only request (Sea Urchin was highly on that list) and I certainly got it! There were some fishes I wasn't familiar with and also flavors I didn't think would go well, but to my surprise it was all amazing! 

The Charred Octopus and Pink Porgy was split in two dish so it felt like we had additional dishes. The octopus was super tender and the tips of the tentacles were crispy. It's paired with kimchi which wasn't bad. This wasn't my favorite dish but I appreciate tender octopus! The Pink Porgy (not pictured) was really tasty, the chef used XO sauce (common in Chinese dishes) with crispy and refreshing green bean salad. 

One of the reason why I highly recommend the Omakase at Seito is because of all the precision and thought put into each dish. Each dish is looked at and perfected before it's handed to us to devour. This raw oyster was a side dish as a refresher before our last (savory) course. I love myself some raw oyster! I'm down!

Here is our last "main" course! I was certainly not expecting something this huge, but I was pleasantly surprised. This last meal was done 3 ways, a tartare (my favorite), negimaki and katsu. There's a dashi broth and rice to accompany all the meat! These are certainly dishes that I am familiar with, but the chef made it a little special, he picked a cut of meat not know by many (below the rib meat) and let them shine in multiple ways.

To end our delicious Omakase dinner we had a Coconut Yogurt Panna Cotta with persimmon and popping boba. It was a light ending and I was absolutely stuffed! 

Chef Huy did an amazing job on our Omakase. I noticed that he loves adding small details of petals in many of his dishes which looks stunning. His flavor combos were interesting, yet they go very well together. Who knew pesto could go well with a white fish? He read our pace and noticed our reactions which made it feel like a very intimate dinner. 

The service was also on point, the server was always at your side, but never made you feel uncomfortable. I loved that we got to have our dinner at the sushi bar because we got to be one-on-one with the Chef. My only issue is that you are placed smack dab in the center of the bar as well as with other diners, it could get pretty loud and distracting. Fortunately, we had a great chef that made us feel like we were the only ones that mattered.

So, now that you have made it this far. I will share my little surprise with you. My anniversary dinner also became my engagement dinner! Tadah!

If I've sold this Omakase dinner to you, check out the details below! It's one of the more reasonable priced Omakase I've been to, it's roughly about $85 for the Omakase dinner. It's such a deal! 

4898 New Broad St.
Orlando, FL 32814
Baldwin Park

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